Blue Diamond Guide – Celebrity Jewelry Trend 2012

April 10, 2012

In honor of the spring season, Diamond & Estate Trust is devoting this week to the colored diamond , spring 2012’s most vibrant jewelry trend. Up today is the blue diamond, one of the rarest colored diamonds around. Although blue diamonds have always been celebrated by the world’s nobility (think the Hope Diamond’s cursed royal legacy), celebrities such as Jay-Z and Halle Berry have catapulted the blue diamond back into the fashion spotlight. Here’s a quick guide on the blue diamond. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond How rare are blue diamonds? Only one in 10,000 mined diamonds is a color other than white. Within the spectrum of colored diamonds , the blue diamond is one of the rarest: only red and purple diamonds are more extraordinary than the blue diamond . The blue diamond may not be as rare as the red diamond, but these gorgeous blue gems are seldom discovered. Less than .1 percent of all diamonds mined have an intense fancy blue color . That may explain why blue diamonds command sky-high auction prices on the rare occasion when they do become available for public purchase. How do blue diamonds get their color? A white diamond takes on a deep blue hue when there’s a surplus of boron available during its formation below the Earth’s surface. The more boron found within a diamond’s carbon molecules, the more intense the diamond’s blue color becomes. When you’re determining the worth of a blue diamond, it’s safe to assume that the richest hue commands the largest price. Blue diamonds range from a deep, steely shade like the one found in the legendary Hope Diamond to a pale, subtle blue. Blue-green or blue-purple shades are less valuable than true, rich blue hued diamonds. When it comes to color , remember that naturally enhanced (heat treated) blue diamonds are far less valuable than blue diamonds with a natural color. Be sure to check a GIA certification to make sure the blue diamond you’re considering hasn’t been artificially treated to achieve its color. What are some famous blue diamonds? The Hope Diamond The 45.52 carat Blue Hope Diamond is regarded as one of the world’s most breathtaking gems. Currently housed in the Smithsonian, this steel blue cushion antique brilliant cut diamond is one of the largest known fancy blue colored diamonds ever discovered. Another famous blue diamond, the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond , from India, sold for $24.3 million at a Christie’s auction in 2008, setting a record at the time for the highest auction price of any diamond or gem. The cushion cut diamond’s deep grayish blue color, magnificent 35.56 carat size and legendary history make it one of the most iconic blue diamonds in the world. Other notable blue diamonds include the 70.21 carat Idol’s Eye, which has a striking shape that combines the Old Mine Cut and the triangular cut; the 189.62 carat Orlov Diamond; the 35.27 carat Sultan of Morocco; and the 42.92 carat Terschenko Diamond. What cut works best for a blue diamond? Like other colored diamonds, a blue diamond’s hue is most striking when cut into a radiant, princess or brilliant cut. That’s mainly because the facets of these fiery cuts bring out the depth and hue of a colored diamond. Still, some diamond cutters , such as the one responsible for the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond , choose a softer cut like the cushion cut to emphasize a colored diamond’s luster. Which celebrities wear blue diamonds? Jay-Z and Beyonce may have gained fanfare lately for wearing sapphires to celebrate the birth of Blue Ivy , but it seems the musicians are now moving on to even bigger, more valuable blue gems. Jay-Z has reportedly been scouring the world’s best jewelry collections this week for the ultimate fourth wedding anniversary gift for Beyonce: a gorgeous blue diamond.  And Halle Berry famously wore a pear shaped blue and white diamond necklace on the Red Carpet a few years ago, garnering rave reviews from luxury jewelers worldwide. Blue diamonds and Diamond & Estate Trust When you’re ready for the ultimate symbol of exceptional luxury, there’s no better choice than the elegant and stunning blue diamond. Diamond & Estate Trust’s collection includes colored diamonds in every hue in the color spectrum. Our experts can turn any loose gem into a truly magnificent colored diamond custom piece . Diamond & Estate Trust is Southern California’s most trusted buyer and seller of diamonds, gems, vintage jewelry and luxury watches . For the ultimate vibrant statement piece, view  our exquisite collection of colored diamonds . Looking for more information on colored diamonds? Be sure to check out yesterday’s post on the yellow diamond, and visit our blog everyday this week for a profile on a different colored diamond . Follow this link: Blue Diamond Guide – Celebrity Jewelry Trend 2012

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Blue Diamond Guide – Celebrity Jewelry Trend 2012

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