California Hostages in Egypt Released

February 5, 2012

Two California women and their tour guide were kidnapped by gunmen at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt, where Moses received two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments from God. The two Californians, Norma Supe of Union City and Patti Gamal of Los Gatos, were abducted by Bedouin tribesmen wanting American hostages as leverage for the release of two of their el-Qararsha tribesmen being held by the Egyptian government. When the armed tribesmen demanded that two Americans get off the stopped tour bus, Ms. Supe and Ms. Gamal offered themselves as hostages to protect the other American tourists on the bus. As the Bedouin kidnappers drove through the mountains for hours, the two brave California women, both devout Christians, began telling their captors about faith in God as their kidnapped tour guide, Zaki , translated. The two Californians told their kidnappers that they were not afraid of them because “God had a purpose for this,” as Norma Supe declared, while Patti Gamal said, “God has sent us here.” The kidnappers listened to the two fearlessly outspoken California women in amazement, they gave the women tea, pita bread and dried fruit, and talked about religion and tribal rights around a campfire in the dark of night. The Egyptian kidnappers had never heard women speak so boldly and with such authority.

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California Hostages in Egypt Released

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