Crystal Cathedral Crisis or Opportunity?

November 5, 2011

The Crystal Cathedral , founded by Christian author Robert Schuller , is in the midst of its greatest crisis, but could it be an opportunity in disguise for the embattled Garden Grove, California megachurch? While prospective new owners circle the Crystal Cathedral like sharks with their offers, could it be possible for the famous Orange County Christian ministry to redeem itself? Many Christians bear witness that the power of God is miraculously powerful, but will the Lord step in at a time when Robert Schuller’s church desperately needs its own “Hour of Power”? Bidders vs. God Several Christian leaders have commented that it looks like wealthy negotiators have been lining-up to play “Let’s Make A Deal” for the House of God. The eye-popping architecture of the gleaming Crystal Cathedral sits on 40 acres of extremely desirable Southern California real estate, in a perfect climate and in a prosperous county. The bargain basement asking price from a seller perceived as being desperate makes the property irresistible to opportunists of every persuasion. Several parties have expressed an interest in acquiring a piece of glory, with four of them recently announcing their interests publicly. Chapman University formally offered $51 million for the iconic megachurch, and the educational institution may end up as the new owner. The Protestant Christian ministry has been looking desperately for a way to cover $52 million in debts since filing bankruptcy.

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Crystal Cathedral Crisis or Opportunity?

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