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Huguette Clark Auction – Christie’s Jewelry Sale Results

April 18, 2012
Huguette Clark Auction – Christie’s Jewelry Sale Results

The last known photo of copper heiress Huguette Clark, whose jewelry and gems sold for $21 million at an April 17 Christie's auction. When the head of Christie’s jewelry department discovered gorgeous, mint-condition jewelry and gems in copper heiress Huguette Clark ’s vault last month, he said it was like “chasing a rainbow and finding a big pot of gold at the end of it.” And when those Art Deco jewels went up for auction yesterday, they fetched an unbelievable $18.3 million ($20.8 million with commission) – almost double Christie’s estimate. A pink diamond, left, and a colorless diamond shattered sale estimates at the Christie's auction. It’s no surprise that the 9 carat cushion cut Belle Epoque pink diamond ring that Huguette inherited from her mother was the star of the auction. The gorgeously cut, perfect condition pink diamond sold for an astonishing $15.7 million including commission ($14 million base price). It’s the latest indication that the world is still enamored with colored diamonds (and especially pink diamonds ). Another spectacular diamond up for auction was a GIA certified 19.86 carat rectangular cut white diamond with the best color grade (D color) and internally flawless clarity. The colorless diamond, cut in the 1930s by famed jeweler Cartier , sold for $3.1 million. Two Cartier Art Deco bracelets auctioned on April 17. Two signed Cartier diamond bracelets circa 1920 also commanded high prices at the Huguette Clark auction . The first, a geometric link diamond bracelet circa 1925 bearing the Cartier signature, sold for $578,500. The second, a sleek Art Deco Cartier diamond bracelet with rectangular emerald accent stones, was snatched up for $90,000. Huguette was wearing these two Cartier Art Deco bracelets in her last known photograph. A ruby , sapphire, emerald and gold Tiffany & Co. bracelet took in more than $260,000, and onyx photo frames sold for a surprising $60,000 each. Two Art Deco bracelets from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. Huguette Clark’s jewelry and gems showcase the best of Art Deco jewelry design from the most chic designers of the era. Want to own a piece of vintage 1920s? Diamond & Estate Trust has a stunning collection of Art Deco bracelets, including sapphire and diamond bracelets , brooches , and rings that will add antique flair to your jewelry box. The 1920s have been roaring back into vogue lately, making there no better time than now to indulge in Art Deco jewelry. Diamond & Estate Trust is Southern California’s premier buyer and seller of vintage estate jewelry, loose gems such as diamonds , sapphires and rubies , and luxury watches from Rolex , Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe . We work with an elite international clientele to ensure each piece embodies luxury.  Original post: Huguette Clark Auction – Christie’s Jewelry Sale Results

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