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Pantone Spring 2012 Color Guide Inspired Jewelry – Part II

March 29, 2012
Pantone Spring 2012 Color Guide Inspired Jewelry – Part II

Spring 2012 is finally here, and that means one thing — it’s time to pack away your winter accessories and make room for  your spring collection. Do you need a new gorgeous gem to breathe life into your spring jewelry collection? If so, there’s no better guidepost than the Pantone Color Institute’s Spring 2012 colors list. Here are last five hues on Pantone’s Spring 2012 color palate, each paired with a gorgeous gem of a similar hue! And be sure to check out Part I of this series for a recap of the first five colors on the Pantone Color Institute’s Spring 2012 color list! Margarita This dusty green shade is all about a soft glow — and you’ll add the same soft radiance to your look when you wear a Peridot ring or earrings . Just look for a more subtle Peridot hue that matches the pastel aspects of the Margarita shade. Sweet Lilac This fresh baby pink shade adds whimsical romance to Pantone’s Spring 2012 colors list. And there’s undoubtedly only one choice when it comes to pink gems: the pink diamond . This gorgeous fancy pink radiant cut diamond in Diamond & Estate Trust’s collection is the vision of springtime romance. Driftwood This charcoal grey neutral brings to mind the beautiful, dark luster of grey diamonds . And if a grey diamond doesn’t suit your sense of style, Driftwood is a perfect complementary color to any brighter hue, making a yellow, green or blue colored diamond a striking choice for pairing. Bellflower Of all the colors on the Pantone Color Institute’s Spring 2012 color list, Bellflower is probably the hue that will transition most seamlessly into the fall season. Just at this ornamental purple shade can carry you through the year, this gorgeous vintage amethyst ring from our collection will be in vogue no matter the season. Cockatoo Our favorite color on Pantone’s Spring 2012 list is this tactile blue-green shade. When you’re in the mood for some Cockatoo flair, an aquamarine ring such as this 30 carat vintage stunner in the Diamond & Estate Trust collection is sure to make your spirits soar. Let Diamond & Estate Trust help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to match the beauty of each Pantone Spring 2012 color. Whether you’re infatuated with Cockatoo, romanced by Sweet Lilac, or knocked out by Cabaret, we have the perfect gem with a vibrant hue to match. And for the ultimate jewelery look inspired by Pantone’s Spring 2012 colors, we will create you a custom piece that embodies your style and the spirit of the season. Diamond & Estate Trust’s collection of loose gems such as diamonds , colored diamonds , rubies and sapphires , as well as estate jewelry make us Southern California’s premier luxury jewelry buyer and seller . Excerpt from: Pantone Spring 2012 Color Guide Inspired Jewelry – Part II

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