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What is a Cushion Cut- Jewelry 101

January 24, 2012
What is a Cushion Cut- Jewelry 101

The cushion cut is often called the candlelight cut – a moniker that refers to the delicate work 19 th Century jewelers would perform by candlelight to hand-cut this shape’s stunning facets. But there’s another reason the nickname fits: The superbly shaped cushion cut diamond has all the subtle romance and luster of a candlelit evening. A 4.51 carat cushion cut diamond from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. The cushion cut , an antique cut also called the pillow cut, was the most vogue gem style in the 19 th Century and has seen its popularity soar again recently due to its timeless, soft shape. A cross between the Old Mine Cut and the oval cut, the cushion cut diamond has dozens of large facets that give it its characteristic soft glow. That glow is often lost in fiery, modern cuts that are instead designed to return as much light to the eye as possible in quick flashes. A cushion cut’s facet plan gives the shape its endless depth and luster, and rounded corners provide a graceful, polished look. Look for the cushion cut in shapes ranging from rectangular to square. Two GIA certified cushion cut diamonds from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. The cushion cut’s effortless romance and charm has made it a popular engagement ring cut for a century, with luxury jewelers such as Tiffany and Harry Winston pairing the unique shape with timeless settings. Owners of the world’s most famous gemstones have also trusted the cushion cut to amplify the beauty of their magnificent jewels. The Hope Diamond , the yellow Tiffany Diamond and the 423 carat Logan Sapphire, the largest cut blue sapphire in the world, all feature cushion cuts that matches their regal, exquisite beauty. Its timeless look and appeal make the cushion cut a strong investment in your jewelry collection’s future. Diamond & Estate Trust has a collection of exquisite cushion cut gems, including a GIA certified 4.51 carat cushion cut diamond in a classic square shape, a GIA certified 4.01 carat cushion cut diamond with a striking blue fluorescence, and a luxurious, GIA certified 5.01 carat rectangular cushion cut diamond . These diamonds are stunning on their own but would make an even bolder statement as the focal point of a custom piece . Make Diamond & Estate Trust your trusted diamond and vintage jewelry seller in Los Angeles and Southern California. With a vast collection of diamonds , rubies , sapphires and emeralds, as well as estate jewelry and watches, Diamond & Estate Trust can help you find the perfect signature piece for any occasion. Continued here: What is a Cushion Cut- Jewelry 101

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