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Asscher Cut – Joseph Asscher and Royal Asscher Diamond Company

April 7, 2012
Asscher Cut – Joseph Asscher and Royal Asscher Diamond Company

The Asscher cut diamond has always been one of the most coveted diamond cuts , but its strong, modern lines became even more vogue after the Asscher cut was profiled on the popular show Sex and the City. You’ll be in the company of celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba when you choose a piece of Asscher cut diamond jewelry . Who created the Asscher cut? Joseph Asscher The Asscher cut diamond was created in 1902 by famed diamond cutter and jewelry designer Joseph Asscher of the Asscher Diamond Company (now called the Royal Asscher Diamond Company).  Soon after Joseph Asscher debuted his new diamond cut, the world was captivated. The Asscher Diamond Company, which Joseph’s father had founded in 1854, patented the design and maintained exclusive rights of the Asscher cut until World War II. What does the Asscher cut look like? An emerald cut diamond, left, and an Asscher cut diamond. The Asscher cut is similar to the emerald cut in that it has a similar striking pavilion cut with rectangular facets that highlight a diamond’s clarity and depth. The main difference between the emerald cut and the Asscher cut is that the Asscher cut is square rather than rectangular. The Asscher cut was designed to draw your eye to the diamond itself rather than wow you with flash; that quality makes it an ideal diamond cut for an engagement ring . What is the Royal Asscher cut? About 100 years after the Asscher cut was created, two relatives of Joseph Asscher debuted the Royal Asscher cut. Known for its unparalleled light performance , the Royal Asscher cut features one extra break on the diamond’s pavilion, which gives this cut 74 facets instead of the Asscher’s 58 facets. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company holds the patent for the Royal Asscher cut, which debuted in 2001. The Asscher cut and Diamond & Estate Trust If you prefer a strong, modern cut that emphasizes a diamond’s color and depth, the Asscher cut is the perfect choice. This exquisite, 4.65 carat Asscher diamond in the Diamond & Estate Trust collection is the epitome of a precise diamond cut. With striking facets and a perfectly symmetric signature Asscher shape, this GIA certified diamond isn’t one you’ll easily forget. Diamond & Estate Trust is the premier luxury jeweler buyer and seller in Los Angeles, Southern California and beyond. We specialize in vintage jewelry , signed designer pieces, watches such as Rolex , Audemars and Patek Philippe , and loose gems such as diamonds , rubies and sapphires . Read more here: Asscher Cut – Joseph Asscher and Royal Asscher Diamond Company

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