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LAPD Police Reserves – Twice a Citizen

April 17, 2015
LAPD Police Reserves – Twice a Citizen

We take a look into the lives of 4 LAPD reserves who offer their free time to help the Police Department in many ways.

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Gardena DUI Checkpoint.wmv

February 28, 2012
Gardena DUI Checkpoint.wmv

I restore the 4th amendment for citizens in Gardena and Hawthorne. The law requires police to allow motorists to turn off and avoid checkpoints. Usually though, the opposite is true. Last night, 2-24-2012 I observed a checkpoint (also in Gardena) that allowed motorists to turn off, without being chased down and pulled over for doing so. While that is a nice change, the fourth amendment does not allow for suspicionless stops. The constitution trumps any court decision, especially one based on lies. But the reality is the constitutional protections are more of a myth these days then a reality. Especially with the poorest and most uneducated members of the population, who typically are not protected at all from overzealous police departments and officers. This video is from 2011, it shows how I make an effort to restore some 4th amendment protections, when the police set up a checkpoint that doesnt allow motorists a chance to turn off before being trapped. When I inspect a checkpoint, if its in violation of the law, I help the police respect their oath, and respect the public, by allowing motorists to pick an alternate route. This clip shows drivers doing just that. I have been thanked hundreds of times for doing so. Except for dishonest officers who sometimes claim to have lost 5 and 6 family members because of drunk driving, not one person has ever complained to me for restoring the 4th amendment. To those officers who have lost more family members from drunk driving then …

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