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July Birthstone – Ruby Information

April 17, 2012
July Birthstone – Ruby Information

Few gems have a more colorful history than the ruby . With a rich, red color that instantly evokes passion, power and lust, the ruby has long been celebrated as the most royal of all the gems. And because July is characterized by hot sun, fire and the passions of summer, it’s no surprise that the ruby has been its official birthstone since the early 1900s. A vintage ballerina mount ruby ring from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. More than any other month, July is synonymous with heat, fire, and the romance of warm summer days. This heat and lively spirit is perfectly reflected in the ruby’s vivid red hue. And with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone all choosing the ruby, you’ll be in luxurious company when you wear this royal gem. A 5.19 carat no-heat pigeon blood ruby ring from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection, The rarest of all the precious gems, the ruby is a luxurious choice any time of year. But given that summer is right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to indulge in a piece of passionate ruby jewelry. There’s nothing more sentimental than a gorgeous ruby ring, and Diamond & Estate Trust’s collection boasts ruby rings to fit every style. This 5.19 carat African pigeon blood no-heat ruby ring showcases the ruby in its most desirable hue: the rich, velvety shade known as pigeon blood . Flanked by two lustrous white diamonds, this antique ring stuns with its simple vintage charm. It would make the perfect engagement ring. A 4.98 carat no-heat ruby ring from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. This 4.98 carat no-heat Burma ruby ring is the perfect reflection of the spirit of summer. This oval cut ruby has a fuchsia hue that pops against the ring’s stark band of white diamonds. A 5.09 carat no-heat Burma ring from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. Boasting the same fuchsia hue but a sleeker band, this 5.09 carat no-heat Burma ruby ring is simultaneously delicate and bold. Looking for a loose ruby? This 6.04 carat no-heat Burma ruby from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection is the perfect foundation for a stunning custom piece . Its natural deep red color and classic oval shape would make this ruby ideal in either a modern or vintage setting.  We’d suggest flanking this ruby by two white diamonds, a classic style that brings out the ruby’s vivid deep-red color. A no-heat Burma ruby from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection. Using its discerning eye and extensive gem and vintage jewelry expertise, Diamond & Estate Trust has crafted a collection filled with the world’s most breathtaking pieces. Whether you’re located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Southern California, Miami, or even overseas, Diamond & Estate Trust should be your first choice for diamonds , rubies , sapphires , colored diamonds , vintage jewelry , designer pieces , and luxury watches .   Read the original: July Birthstone – Ruby Information

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