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Yellow Diamond Guide – Celebrity Jewelry Trends 2012

April 10, 2012
Yellow Diamond Guide – Celebrity Jewelry Trends 2012

With spring finally upon us, it only seems fitting to devote some time to the colored diamond , spring 2012’s most vibrant jewelry trend. First up in Diamond & Estate Trust’s colored diamond series is the yellow diamond , which has long been celebrated for its lively hue but has become even more vogue lately thanks to celebrities such as Heidi Klum , Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Mangan. Here’s everything you need to know about the yellow diamond. What are some famous yellow diamonds? The Tiffany Yellow Diamond When most people think of the yellow diamond, the Tiffany Yellow is the first gem that comes to mind. Discovered in 1877 at South Africa’s Kimberley mine, the Tiffany Yellow has a stunning, rich saturation. It was a magnificent 287.42 carats when discovered, but was later cut into an awe-inspiring 128.51 carat cushion cut. One of the most recent yellow diamonds to go up for auction is the 110-carat Sun-Drop Diamond . The fancy vivid yellow diamond , found in South Africa and cut in a beautiful pear shape, fetched $11.3 million at a Sotheby’s auction in late 2011. It’s the latest indication of the yellow diamond’s strong popularity. Other famous yellow diamonds include the 407.48 carat Incomparable Diamond, the 205.47 carat Red Cross Diamond, the 137.37 carat Florentine Diamond, and the 132.43 carat cushion cut Sarah Diamond How rare are yellow diamonds? One in 10,000 diamonds mined is a color other than white. Within the spectrum of colored diamonds , the yellow diamond falls in the middle of the road: it’s more rare than brown or black diamonds, but a bit more common than red or blue diamonds. But even though the yellow diamond isn’t the rarest of the colored diamonds , it is still exceptional to find one with a natural yellow hue: a mere .1 percent of all diamonds mined have an intense fancy yellow color. How do yellow diamonds get their color? A fancy intense yellow diamond Yellow diamonds get their gorgeous, lively hue when there’s a surplus of nitrogen available while a diamond is forming. The more nitrogen trapped within a diamond’s carbon molecules, the more intense the diamond’s yellow hue. When you’re determining the worth of a yellow diamond, remember that a more vibrant hue is generally more valuable. Canary yellow diamonds, which are typically pale in color, are worth less than the darker, richer intense fancy yellow diamonds (although both lately have been commanding much higher prices than white diamonds !) It’s also important to remember that naturally enhanced (heat treated) yellow diamonds are far less valuable than yellow diamonds with a natural yellow color. Be sure to check a GIA certification to make sure the yellow diamond you’re considering hasn’t been artificially treated to achieve its color. What cuts and shapes are best for yellow diamonds? Yellow diamonds are typically seen flanked by white diamonds , which provide contrast that brings out the beauty of the yellow diamond’s hue. Fiery cuts such as the radiant, princess and brilliant cuts are preferred for yellow diamonds, as these cuts have striking facets that amplify a colored diamond’s color and depth. Which celebrities wear yellow diamonds? Marilyn Monroe and the Moon of Baroda Heidi Klum made fashion waves when she selected a large, cushion cut fancy light yellow diamond ring for her engagement to then-husband Seal. Hillary Clinton wore the gorgeous Kahn Canary Diamond to Bill Clinton’s presidential inauguration in 1993, and Carrie Underwood wears a 5 carat round brilliant yellow diamond engagement ring. Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, and Penelope Cruz have recently chosen yellow diamonds to complete their Red Carpet looks. And we can’t forget to mention Marilyn Monroe: the jewelry icon wore the famous Moon of Baroda yellow diamond to the premier of her film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes . Yellow diamonds and Diamond & Estate Trust Diamond & Estate Trust has an exquisite collection of colored diamonds of every hue imaginable. And when it comes to yellow diamonds, this stunning custom piece in our collection takes the prize.  Called the Aurora , this show-stopping custom piece featured a gorgeous .72 carat GIA certified fancy intense pink diamond bordered by round white diamonds and 7 carats of perfectly matched natural fancy yellow pear shaped diamonds that complete its lustrous look. A buttery 18K gold setting complements the striking color of this ring’s yellow diamonds and ensures that once you slip it on, your hand will glow from every angle. It’s not every day you come across a yellow diamond ring, let alone one with this many gorgeous fancy color graded yellow diamonds. Diamond & Estate Trust is the premier buyer and seller of diamonds, gems, vintage jewelry and luxury watches in Los Angeles and Southern California. For the ultimate statement piece, look no further than our exquisite collection of colored diamonds . Visit link: Yellow Diamond Guide – Celebrity Jewelry Trends 2012

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