Sobriety Checkpoint Salinas, California

June 24, 2012

After years of local communities having sobriety checkpoints, I decided I would assert my rights as an American. If the police truly wanted to apprehend drunk drivers they could set up next to a bar or nightclub (parking lot) and pull the same type of “sobriety checkpoint”, and realistically have much more probable cause than they had stopping people at the locations they normally set up. Or setup between midnight and 2:30 AM on the roads coming into town. At least that way they’d catch the people coming back from Monterey, where they’d party till that time. I didn’t record the stop, as I was unaware of local laws regarding recording police activity. California has laws against using a cell phone while driving. Once you decide to assert your Constitutional rights I suggest sticking to your “guns” and don’t let the officer goad you into becoming defensive or hostile. My passenger stated that I was “stone faced” during the exchange. I understand that the officers on duty are “doing their jobs”, and I have no ill feelings towards them, I just reject what they are trying to do based on my beliefs of liberty.

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Sobriety Checkpoint Salinas, California

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