Green Diamond Guide – Jewelry Trend 2012

April 12, 2012

Vibrant gems are so coveted this spring that Diamond & Estate Trust is devoting this entire week to gorgeous colored diamonds . Although we’ve all spotted celebrities wearing pink, yellow, and brown diamonds at recent Red Carpet events, there’s one colored diamond so rare that most people go their entire lives without seeing it: the green diamond. Here’s a quick primer on the legendary, elusive green diamond. A fancy vivid green diamond from the Diamond & Estate Trust collection How rare are green diamonds? If you’ve been reading our colored diamond blogs this week, you already know that all natural colored diamonds are extremely rare: Only one in 10,000 diamonds mined is a color other than white. But within the spectrum of colored diamonds , the green diamond is one of the rarest of them all (second only to the red diamond). It’s estimated that only about 10 green diamonds enter the marketplace each year, which explains why even A-List celebrities and the world’s nobility have a difficult time getting a hold of a green diamond. How do green diamonds get their color? Diamonds take on a green color when some type of natural radiation occurs while they’re forming within the Earth. Although all naturally-occurring green diamonds are extremely rare and, therefore, extremely valuable, the three most coveted green diamonds are fancy , fancy intense, and fancy vivid green. Whereas most colored diamonds are valued for a rich, deep color , green diamonds classified as fancy deep or fancy dark often lose their luster and resemble emeralds more than diamonds , making them a less desirable option. Because a green diamond is caused by natural radiation , it’s often difficult to tell whether a green diamond has been artificially heat-treated with radiation to achieve its color. Even more so than with other colored diamonds , it’s crucial to check the gem’s certification to determine that it was not artificially treated. What are some famous green diamonds? The Dresden Green The Dresden Green diamond is by far the most famous green diamond in the world. The 41 carat diamond is the largest known apple green diamond, and gets its name from the capitol of Saxony, Germany, where it has been housed for centuries. Although not as vibrantly green as the Dresden Green, the Orlov Diamond is another notable green diamond . Discovered in India, the 189.62 carat rose-cut Orlov Diamond is part of the Diamond Treasury of Russia. Its faint bluish-green tint makes it an extremely light – yet still extremely striking – example of a green diamond. Only a few green diamonds have ever been sold at auction. One green diamond, a 3.19 carat fancy green diamond ear pendant, was sold along with a yellow diamond ear pendant for $343,498 at a Christie’s auction in 2000. The largest green diamond ever sold at auction, a 2.52 carat vivid green diamond, fetched $3.08 million at a 2009 Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. What cuts work best for green diamonds? Like most colored diamonds , green diamonds look the most striking in cuts such as princess, radiant or round brilliant, all of which emphasize the depth and hue of a diamond. Green diamonds and Diamond & Estate Trust If you’re searching for the rarest, most exquisite gem the world has to offer, the green diamond is the perfect choice. Diamond & Estate Trust ’s collection of colored diamonds includes extraordinary loose gems in all colors of the rainbow, including green. View our constantly evolving collection of gems, diamonds and vintage jewelry to see what new colored diamonds we’ve acquired. Diamond & Estate Trust is Southern California’s premier buyer and seller of diamonds, gems, vintage jewelry and luxury watches . For the ultimate vibrant statement piece, we invite you to explore our exquisite collection of colored diamonds . Want to learn more about colored diamonds? Be sure to check out yesterday’s post on the pink diamond, and visit our blog everyday this week for a profile on a different colored diamond . Follow this link: Green Diamond Guide – Jewelry Trend 2012

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Green Diamond Guide – Jewelry Trend 2012

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