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Reserve Deputy Who Apprehended Arson Suspect Thanks Community

February 12, 2012

West Hollywood Sheriff’s reserve Deputy Shervin Lalezary thanked citizen responders at a Tuesday afternoon news conference for their help in leading authorities to the man suspected of starting more than 50 fires in the area. “Once the fires started occurring, the city of West Hollywood called with every suspicious person they thought they saw,” said Lalezary, a full-time attorney whose office is located at 9454 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. “And that came a long way with the investigation.” The volunteer deputy’s traffic stop at Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue early Monday morning led to the arrest of Harry Burkhart , a 24-year-old Hollywood resident and German national . Burkhart is being held without bail in downtown Los Angeles on suspicion of arson of an inhabited dwelling and is tentatively scheduled to make a court appearance in Van Nuys on Wednesday. “The information that I had—basically what was out in the media—was a male, white adult, short ponytail, receding hairline,” Lalezary said. “There was a call of a vehicle fire right when I was about to initiate the traffic stop. Our radio communication was pretty tied up.” The Associated Press reported that Lalezary, who has a law degree from the University of Southern California, became a reserve deputy in 2007. His certification as a Level 3 reserve with the sheriff’s station allows him to perform traffic duties. “I saw that there was an LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] unit that saw me turn on my lights,” Lalezary said. “They rolled up right behind me … to basically cover me while I searched the vehicle.” West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Prang, who worked as a senior adviser to L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca for nine years, told reporters that he could not have been more pleased. “We are very proud that it was one of our deputies who tracked the case,” Prang told Patch after the conference. “This is obviously a case that transcended municipal counties … God knows how many potential lives and damaged properties were saved.” As a volunteer reserve deputy, Lalezary puts in a minimum of 1,064 hours for $1 each year, said Capt. Phil Hansen, who is in charge of the Reserve Forces Bureau. “Reserves work on patrol, investigative capacities, work on community problems,” Hansen said at the conference. “They have spent quite a great deal in West Hollywood this past year.” Be sure to follow Beverly Hills Patch on  Twitter  and “Like” us on  Facebook . See the original post here: Reserve Deputy Who Apprehended Arson Suspect Thanks Community

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AD 50 Candidate Osborn Lures Donors With Weho Mayor’s Outburst Video

January 31, 2012

Torie Osborn doesn’t seem too upset about the  pretty nasty outburst  West Hollywood Mayor John Duran made at last Wednesday’s West Hollywood-Beverly Hills Democratic Club endorsement meeting in Weho. In fact, Osborn is now asking viewers of the  video  showing Duran’s interruption to pay up. A recent campaign email titled “VIRAL VIDEO: WeHo Mayor Threatens Me” includes the tagline, “Click here to see the video—and help us turn this shocking incident into a campaign opportunity,” linking directly to Osborn’s ActBlue fundraising page . Next to the embedded YouTube clip, a message on the page reads: “Watch the video on the right, and then donate $3 below to help us fight these attacks and advance our grassroots momentum!” By the time the 50th Assembly District candidate won the endorsement—at the end of the nearly three-hour meeting last week—Duran could no longer contain his frustration. Storming out, he said, “West Hollywood will not forget this,” plus a few choice words. Osborn told Patch after the meeting: “We’re in it to win it. I have a grass-roots army that’s working with me. … People joining clubs in order to vote for who they vote for is part of the grass roots. It just is part of the tactics. People do it all the time. I’m proud of my troops.” A representative from Osborn’s campaign did not immediately respond for an updated comment. Beverly Hills is joining the  newly created 50th Assembly District  in the November 2012 election due to redistricting. Until then the city is represented by Mike Feuer as part of the 42nd Assembly District. Be sure to follow  Beverly Hills  Patch on  Twitter  and “Like” us on  Facebook . Read this article: AD 50 Candidate Osborn Lures Donors With Weho Mayor’s Outburst Video

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